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"Wake up, princess. We are here."
Jane Green slowly opened her eyes. Most of people had already left the train. It was the end of school yesterday and Jessica Courtney offered Jane that they could spend some vacation together at her grandmother's cottage. "It's gonna be super, you will see," lured her Jessica. "Only you and I will be there. And all around just nature and mountains. Tranquillity, absolutely no stress." As Jane knew about Jessica, she really adored nature. She lived in the city but as soon as she had a chance to go somewhere out, she immediately took the advantage of it. Jessica never really understood why her parents decided to stay in the concrete jungle. She just felt best outside, she loved walking in the forest. That all Jane knew. And she was really glad that Jessica offered her spending holidays together. Jane recently broke up with one guy because in her words he was a total egoistic asshole and idiot. And so she didn't plan anything for the next days off. It just sounded great to spend vacation on cottage after Jessica's grandmother. And as Jessica said - it will be eye-popper!

They got off the train and headed for a small store in order to buy some more stuff. That were only bits and pieces because they had bought enough cans and other food. Just to be sure, Jessica took a small pot and frying pan because she didn't know in what condition the equipment would be at the cottage. She hadn't been there for a very long time.

They were ready after while. The girls set off on the road with fully packed backpacks. The cottage was located deep in the forest by the mountains, about 8 kilometres far away from the train station. Completely and utterly isolated from the outside world. It was really ideal place for Jessica. She roughly remembered the way despite the fact that she hadn't been there for a few years. Just walk for a while on such a wide sand road and then take a small and tiny pathway. Everyone can do that. But for sure Jane bought a map of the local area. The girls could only hear distant voices from the train station. But after a few turns the silence arised there, interrupted only by crunching of the sand under their shoes. Jessica was in one's element - she was still going with wide smile on her face and deeply breathing that awesome clean air, without the terrible scent of the city. From time to time she walked with outstretched hands as if she was drawing the nature energy. Jane always smiled at that, sometimes she was laughing out loud. Jessica was really close friend, the both girls were just like sisters. The main difference between them was in appearance. Jessica was about head and half taller, very slim with long ginger hair. Jane Green's hair was short cut with dark black colour. Although she was plumber and tubby, she enjoyed playing volleyball. She was always holding some book in her hand because reading was her biggest passion.
Absolute silence all around. No sound, no animals. There were just two figures with big backpacks on their back. They were talking to each other therefore firstly they missed inconspicuous, already slightly overgrown digression. Normally people didn't even register that. Jessicca suddenly stopped in order to look around.
"We have to return a bit, we had to miss it," she said. The girls passed around the little way only about fifty metres but they didn't even notice.
"I gotta pee," said Jane after while.
"Just don't be there for ages!" laughed Jessica. Jane just shook her head and left.


"What do you have?"
"I just found it on that tree over there," replied Jane and approched with something in her hand. It was some kind of talisman - a triangle with jagged edges, inside of which there was a black rectangular gemstone. A tiny gold chainlet was threaded through one tip of the lucky.
"You just gotta pick up everything you see, don't you?"
"Well maybe," smiled Jane and put the talisman on her neck. For a moment, perhaps a hundredth of a second, she felt as if it flashed just in front of her eyes. It was only for a short time and therefore she deduced that it was just an illusion of mind.


They stood in front of cottage. It was small, inconspicuous building with chipped window shutter. Without a doubt, minor reconstruction wouldn't hurt it.
"Well, so this gonna be our kingdom for some time!" enthusiastically said Jessica and started looking for the keys. After while she slowly inserted an archaic big key into the rusty lock. She was turning with that for a while untill she heard a click. She took the door handle and leaned against the door. It was very hard to open and there was such an unpleasant sound as the door opened. There was completely dark inside because all the windows were covered with shutters. The both girls slowly came in. It was easy to feel mustiness there. Jane didn't even noticed that her talisman slightly lighted up right at the moment she crossed the doorstep.
"Well and we'll clean it up a bit tomorrow. Nobody has been here for a very long time," Jessica said. "Come on, Jane. I'm gonna take you for a short tour around."
At first they headed to kitchen, which was connected with dining room, in order to put their bagpacks there. It was the biggest room in the cottage. The whole place was dominated by huge tile stove which was decorated with blue ornate pattern. There was massive oak table with four big chairs. Jane was immediately fascinated how all was beautifully decorated. Four different faces were carved on the backboard of each chair. They were oddly grinning, especially the one with thick eyebrows. Perfect wood-carving. Jane was still looking at that as if hypnotized.

"I'm so glad that you offered that. I mean this trip," said Jane later.
Jessica just widely smiled and put the pot away from the cooking-range.
"As I've promised you a very long time ago." She put the plates on the table. "Bon appétit. I hope you won't get poisoned."
"Funny and witty as always and that's exactly what I love about you," laughed Jane.


"Well, I think that I will go to bed right now," yawned Jessica. "I feel like dead after that journey."
"Oh I can imagine it. I'm gonna read one more chapter and then I will follow you."
"Ok. Good night."
"Night night."
Jane grabbed a book and started flipping through it. She never used a bookmark. It was quite surprising for many people but she was used to it. She's always stated that despite the fact sometimes she doesn't remember the exact page she likes to read some sentence which has been read before. She was really the bookworm and she enjoyed reading several books at once. She practically liked everything, just wasn't very interested in historical novels.


She was awaken by oddly sounds. She opened her eyes and found out that she fell asleep in the rocking chair while was reading in that yesterday. She stood up and started looking for the origin of that sounds. But she didn't see anything so she assumed that it all was just a dream. She decided to make some drink. The girl barely made three steps when suddenly she heard some slithering sound behind her. Was that just an optical illusion or did the rocking chair really move? Calm down, it was only a fantasy, she said for herself. Abruptly the door opened with slight squeaking.
Jane stopped for a while but then smiled. "It was pretty good, Jessica, you got me."
But nobody answered.
"Come on, stop hidding." Jane frowned and went to the door.
"Hey, it ain't funny anymore!"
Jane was barely one step in front of the door when suddenly it loudly and rashly closed. The girl angrily shoved through the door and walked out into a dark hallway. She looked around. But Jessica wasn't there. Jane came to small stairs which was heading to attic where the girls were supposed to sleep. She quicky ran the stairway with long steps and opened the door. It was not so large room with one smaller old-fashioned dresser and a bed on which two people could calmly sleep. On one side of the bed Jessica was sleeping there,  curled into a ball. Half of her head was covered with a duvet.
"Hey that really didn't work!" shouted Jane on her.
Jessica twitched and straightened up in the bed with a terror in her eyes.
"What are you talking about? What time is it?"
"Please don't act it. You know it perfectly!" Jane mumbled.
"I really don't understand what happened, Jane."
"Aaa, Miss Funny of the Universe again, ya?! You got into that bed pretty fast!"
Jessica got up of the bed. "Since I went to sleep I hadn't gone anywhere. Jane, tell me exaxtly what happened?"
"What do you mean that you didn't go anywhere? Do you think that the door opened and then closed again by itself? Probably hardly!"
"Which door?" She gently put her hands on Jane's shoulders. "Come here to sit next to me."
Jane still stood there for a while but then she finally came closer and sit on the edge of the bed.
"So," started Jessica, "and now calmly tell me what really happened."
"Why would I say that when you already know it?!" surlily asked Jane.
"I don't know anything, that's what I'm trying to explain. I really didn't go anywhere. I was here in bed until you woke me up. The whole time."
"But that's insane and impossible. Who else would do that?"
"You just had to have some bad dream, Jane," soothed her Jessica. "It's gonna be alright."
She grabbed her friend's hand and softly pressed. Jane looked at her.
"You're probably right, Jess. It was maybe just some nightmare."
"As I told you," gently said Jessica and smiled.
"I'm so sorry that I shouted at you. I appologize."
"It's okay, like nothing happaned." She hugged her. "I'm quite thirsty, do you wanna some drink too?"
"That sounds great," finally smiled Jane.


The girls went down to the kitchen. Jessica poured water into the kettle and put it on the cooking-range. Ten minutes later they were already sitting at the table and slowly drank a tea. Jane looked at her watch. It was about half past three am. She just wanted to say it to Jessica but when suddenly heard some steps. It was silent but surely it wasn't imagination. She turned to Jessica but her friend was faster.
"Can you hear that?"
"Now I guess that you were right that someone is here with us," said Jessica and silently added: "or rather something..."
"But that's impossible," replied Jane and started to looking around the room. "After all, there is nobody here and the steps came from over there." She again took a look and then suddenly she saw something green. The girl came closer and picked it up.
"Jess, look," and she showed her the talisman which she found in the forest. Gem stone in the middle, formerly black, was shining in brightly green colour.
The both girls were looking on that as if they lost their mind. They didn't know what to think about it. But the green light  suddently a bit faded but still was slowly blinking.
"What the hell is that?" asked Jessica but it was more likely rhetorical question.
And then at the moment they heard some slithering sound. The friends looked over there and saw how the kettle with tea started to move by itself. Jane came to it with the talisman in her hand which then began to shine stronger again. At the same time she had a feeling that she heard low voices.
"Do you hear that?" called at Jessica.
"What should I hear? There is just silence again."
"I mean that voices. As if someone is whispering here," said Jane and beckoned her to come closer.
"But I can't hear anything, Jane."
"No, that's impossible, just stay on my place."
"Hold on, I have an idea. Try to pass me that thing."
As soon as she was holding the talisman in her hand, she almost jumped. She heard it as well. The girl turned to Jane.
"Do you think the same as I do?"
"Ghosts?" asked Jane and Jessica nodded.
"But that's insane! How could they exist?"
"I have no answer for that, Jane."
"But what they do in your cottage after your grandmother?"
"I don't get it as well but as I heard from my mum, the granny was leading a strange life, like a hermit. She was a loner, avoiding people and therefore she began to live here in the middle of forest. She had practically no friends. Nobody knew much about her. It's been over a year since she passed away."
Jessica paused.
"And what if it's her?" silently asked Jane. "I mean if she didn't reincarnate or what."
"I-I don't know. But that voice surely wasn't her. It sounded like male. Moreover, he spoke some foreign language"
Suddenly the talisman in Jessica's hand moved. The both girls clearly saw that. It started to quickly flicker and vibrate. Jessica immediately put it on the table. The talisman began slowly turning around. It glowed faster and faster.
"What the f..." started Jessica but the she went quiet.
A bright light began to emerge from the talisman and forming some kind of goblet. Abruptly a grey matter fell into it and filled the inside of the cup. Once again the talisman started to move, then slowly went out of light. After a while it looked just as Jane had found it. Ordinary ornament.
A long silence arised.
"Wow!" Nothing more could Jessica add.


"Do you think that it's a good idea?" asked Jane later.
"I think it was a sign," replied Jessica and put the talisman around her neck like a necklace. "Maybe she just wanted me to found her."
"And can't it be dangerous?"
"Dunno but I would say that it's right. She is a part of my family."
The girl took a look on the talisman. She looked up at Jane again.
"Do you have all?"
"Yes, I think so."
"Okay, let's go. Home sweet home," said Jessica and picked up her backpack.
She waited to Jane and then they together set off on their way back.

The End

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