The Boss

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Mickey Hall aggressively hit massive timbered table with a clenched fist.
"Are you fucking kidding me?"
"Wait, Mi..."
"No, you wait!" Hall quickly interrupted big tall ebony guy. "Your task was very clear and then that shit happened. Jesus fucking Christ! I've always considered you as one of the best I have but it seems that I was so terribly wrong!! Even that stupid idiot Joe would do this job much better and we could finally get rid of it!"
Hall got up and lean his palm on the table. He hardly gasped and his face was reddish. He looked straightway to black man's eyes.
"Is there anything you wanna add, Terry?"
"Look, Mickey," slowly started Terry. "The whole action was initially all right. Several of my pals sniffed his den and we started to stalk him. We found out that he regularly goes to near pub. Who the hell could know that he had invited his crappy brother on that day? He appeared first and so I got him down. Moreover, you yourself said that you wanted to do it quick. There was no time to ascertained if it was him or not."
"So do you mean that is all my fault?!" loudly shout Hall.
"No, no, Mickey but..."
"Now listen to me and listen clearly, Terry" acutely intermited him Hall and again sat to big leather armchair. "Don't come to me untill you bring me his head to this wooden table. Savvy?!"
"Yes, Mickey."
"And now get out!"
Hall waited till black man closed the door and than he poured proper glass of Scotch whisky.

When Mickey Hall went to bed at about half past one, he had no idea that he was being watched. Two pairs of red eyes looked at him. It was Charuban, emissary of the demon Arghul. Hall had met with Arghul long time ago. Arghul found him when Hall was laying in pool of blood after rough dogfight. Demon would have probably gone around him without notice if he hadn't seen a glittering thing that Hall had on his neck chain. It was Meskill, one of the powerful ancient medallion. He knew that Hall had absolutely no idea how forcable it is. He couldn't, that worm, he was only poor human. They never had access to necramancy acts. Arghul was searching Meskill for almost 200 years and he started to think that he would never find it. And yet he needed it so much. Along with the rest of ten medallions that all together form powerful Oracus and with its help he managed to defeat his feudal enemy Khasdúl. But there was a little paradox that they were allies at the beginning. They both supported each other. But then one day their ways split up. Khasdúl helped Satan literally exterminate one ancient nation and Satan then offered him a protection. Khasdúl even got one land in the underworld where he became a ruler. But Arghul considered it as a betrayal. Why he chose him and not me? he asked himself constantly. But simultaneously he knew that now he couldn't beat him so easy. Not when Khasdúl was supported by Satan. The only thing that could help him was Oracus. It was ancient forcible magic. Arghul and Khasdúl were formerly very interested about it and they wanted to try it. Later they forgot about it and after about two years Khasdúl joined Satan. However Arghul managed to remember. He wanted to use it to defeat Khasdúl. The worse fact was that he needed eleven special medallions which were located all over the world. The biggest problem was with Meskill because it was the most important. Arghul knew that he had to find it. Anywhere. Finally it was Hall who had Meskill around his neck. Arghul had absolutely no idea how he received it but it didn't matter after all. And therefore demon got all needful medallions. Oracus was so powerful that it hid Khasdúl's perdition ahead of Satan. Arghul decided to help Hall. Thanks to him Mickey Hall became one of the biggest maffia boss. But from time to time even Arghul himself needed help.
That was the same tonight. Arghul sent Charuban, his loyal emissary, to bring him Hall. Charuban was a giant spider that belonged to ancient clan and was one of the last of his kind. Arghul chose him because he could always rely on him that every task the spider would do for hundred percent. Charuban waited for perfect moment untill Hall fell asleep. The mission was pretty easy for the spider - bring maffia boss to the safe place to Arghul. He had no problem with that because he had done it many times before. Individual concerned was wrapped to strong net and then the spider put him on his back. He moved very fast and quietly at the same time so he was on the right place pretty soon and practically without being seen. He usually uses a litle injection with poison into victim's body for better manipulation because it causes immobilization. He did just the same process for Hall without any trouble.

When Mickey Hall opened his eyes, he was totally confused. He had absolutely no idea where he was. It was no wonder - it had been about eight years ago since he was there and lot of things had changed. He sat on grandiose armchair and there was served great banquet in front of him. But before he could do anything, the door opened and Hall heard deep  voice:
"Welcome Mickey. It has been such a long time since we last saw each other, right?"
At first Hall couldn't classify that voice to any certain person. But he probably knew him. He turned around and saw Arghul. Suddenly it all came to his mind. How he could forget about his saviour?
And without waiting to any reaction Arghul continued: "Yes, many years have passed. But now I need your help." He paused for a while and then he added: "You surely won't be worthless for that, trust me."
For the whole time Hall was quiet until now: "And what could I do for you? It would be a pleasure to help you when I owed you for saving my life."
"I'm so glad to hear that, Mickey," replied Arghul with a big smile. Hall noticed strangely odd shine in demon's eyes.
"I am examining a new magic and I require your cooperation. So, Mickey, are you obliging to join me?"
"As I said. My word still remains."
"Well, well," said Arghul. "Meanwhile just calmly eat, you must be hungry. I'll be right back and we will solve out this thing together, right?"
"Okey-dokey. I'm starving that I could eat a horse!" laughed Hall and looked on table full of food. He would like to add something to Arghul but when he turned around, the demon wasn't there anymore. Hall just shrugged and start to eat. There were really plenty of food and meals to choose. Hall was taking pieces after pieces as he hadn't eaten for weeks. But after while he started to have kinda weird feeling in his stomach. He wasn't so worried about it yet, it had to be that he was eating very fast, he thought. But the pain didn't fade away - it was still worse and worse. Suddenly he saw Arghul. The demon was probably somewhere hidden in the room and was watching Hall for the whole time. Now Arghul came closer to see him better.
"So how are you enjoying your meal, Mickey?" laughed Arghul with a dark voice. "I've heard that you are great gourmet and so I just made it a little bit better. By the way - are you afraid of death?" He paused for a minute. "This is the reason why I invited you here. I need one human sacrifice and you are the suitable candidate." He screamed with laughter again. It was horrible and very unpleasant  sound. "To be more specific - I literally just need emty human body!"
"Hey you motherfucker!" responded Hall with a little choking voice. "I'll kill you bastard!"
"If I were you I wouldn't speak so much. But on the other hand you have one of the last chance for talking. Do you know why? That food, as I mentioned, isn't ordinary. It won't take a long time and soon you will examine its effects. It will literally erode your bowels and all organs! You will discover incredible torture and pain which you have never felt in your whole fucking life!"
Hall wasn't listening him anymore. He couldn't compare it with anything what he was just passing through. The only thing he wanted was to make it all stop. He suddenly started realize that cooperation with demons just couldn't never go right. Although he had great social status, respect among politicians but was it now for any profit anymore? Albeit he was greatful that Arghul saved his life however he had absolutely no idea that he would be betrayed so badly. Arghul just abused him! Particularly with that very brutal way!

Mickey Hall was killed. He made countless numbers of violence, many frauds and cheats that he actually deserved it. A lot of people will breath freely now.

The End

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