Carol of the Blood

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The nine-year-old Jimmy Hoster woke up during the night at three am. Although the curtains were shut down (there was pictured giant Winnie-the-Pooh with hand deep dipped in enormous honey jug on that), the orange ray of light from the street lamp could still get through. Jimmy's view was suddenly fascinated by some kind of pind-sized pieces which punctuated that colorful glow. The boy put aside the blanket (and carefully with love covered his Teddy again with it) and went to the window. He drew back the curtains and his eyes just lit up. A wide smile filled his face, revealing his white teeth. Untill this day it hadn't snowed. And two more days and the Christmas are finally here! Jimmy really really wanted to find cowboy Woody from Toy Story under the Christmas tree. Actually the only thing he gasped for. But right now he was feeling such a great joy with the fresh snow. He told himself that he would take a sledge in the morning just after the breakfast and go for a ride. Maybe Carrie would join him - a tiny and red-haired eight-year-old girl from their neighbours who he befriended.
Jimmy got thirsty and so he opened the door, came out to the hallway and headed to stairway. Now he wasn't afraid to go down the stairs at night any more (after all, he was no longer a small baby) because they let the light shine there. A few yeas ago, when they still had a tomcat, he had just left his room like this and was about to go downstairs when suddenly Mickey miaowed loudly and ran from the ground floor to the first with heavy resounding steps. Jimmy let the light shine in the room so he saw cat's big glowing eyes how were quickly approaching him. They looked dangerous, especially because they were a little bloodshot. Jimmy shouted and ran to his mother's bedroom with tears in his eyes. Marry Hoster had to calm him down for a long time.
Now he came to the kitchen and poured a water into the glass. After that he put the dishes to the sink and went back upstairs to his bedroom. He covered himself with a blanket. It didn't take a long and the boy fell asleep again.

The boy was awaken by scream. Mother's scream. At first he thought that it was just a dream but after a few seconds he realized that it was happening in reality. He put on the nightrobe and rashly opened the door. He ran throw the hallway to mother's bedroom and took the handle. But the door was locked. He only heard mum's crying and how she was begging someone to stop. Inside there was sound of moaning and hollow bangs. Jimmy had a feeling the he was also hearing some kind of squelch.
"Noo-oo..! Pleeaasee...,noo!!" yelled Marry Hoster. Her voice was already weak and she was still crying.
"Mummy!!" shouted Jimmy with a weep.
And again there was heard squelching sound followed by mother's choked screaming. Therein the door precipitously opened and there stood an old ingrown guy  with his pants still down. He held a long kitchen knife in his hand, from which the blood was still dripping. Out of the corner of his eye Jimmy saw how the guy licked the blade with his tongue and started laughing wildly. It sounded like the croaking of a crow.
The mum was lying on the bed. She was naked and all covered with a blood. The blood also rashly flowed from the stomach which had been stabbed with numerous wounds; evaginated guts crawled out of abdomen. Her carotid artery was cut and her mouth was wide open.
"Do you wanna join us? I'll be happy to have fun with you too!" the guy exclaimed with a gruff voice to Jimmy. Jimmy didn't wait, turned around and ran toward the stairs.
"Fuck!!" he even heard and then closing a front fly. Meanwhile the boy was already downstairs and raced to the front door. He noticed that the key is in the lock (but mother never let it there) and so he tried to take the handle. It was locked! He heard whistling and footsteps on the stairs. The boy tried to turned with the key but it was stucked. The whistlining changed into howling laughter. Jimmy was crying and slammed the door in anger (or rather
with a fear). Suddenly there was heard slight click sound. Jimmy tried to turn with a key once more and finally he managed to open the door leaf. The kid ran out into the street and began to speedily hare. He was too affraid to stop and so he continued without a break. Without looking around, he began crossing the main road when all of a sudden a car tooted loudly at him. It was the police. After a moment of confusion, misunderstanding and explaination the police officers used transmitter to call for backup and went to the house of Jimmy. The boy was shocked and still crying. Therefore one policeman stayed in the car with him while the other was slowly approaching the hallway of boy's home with a prepared gun in his hands.
Soon there arrived more police vehicles, but police found no one in the house except the murdered mother.

They took Jimmy to the police station where, after his slight appeasement, together with the portraitist they managed to assemble a preliminary version of the rapist. A nationwide search was launched, but the perpetrator was never caught.

The End

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