Horror short stories [ENG]


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All windows of the office complex Union Centre were dark. Well, except for one double-winged window on the penultimate seventeenth floor. Bianca Stephens was in the middle of a new project. That what she usually did when she had an idea and a Muse. In her atelier she had soft pink wallpapers which were complemented in a few places by drawing of grass. There were a lot of coruscant awards, prizes and goblets from various competitions on the shelf. Despite the fact that Bianca was only twenty-nine years old, she had already had a very good career. číst dál


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Did you take your pills? číst dál

Wendy's day

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Sandra Marks was entwining strands of her hair with her fingers. She did it every time when she was nervous. She was supposed to go to dinner with her husband Peter tonight. Peter worked as investment broker on the Wall Street. And just today he was invited to prestigious restaurant Le Bernardin where his boss will be and also several important people with whom it was appropriate to get acquainted. In New York, and even more in Manhattan, the contacts were the basic. Therefore the attendance at the dinner was actually almost obligatory. A few people didn't belive that the last Peter's project would be successfull because one partner had some minor reservations about the investment contract. At that time, the stock exchange stagnated and the value of the dollar slowly declined. A similar situation was excatly six years ago when Peter began working for an investment company Value Garrant. It was a hard time for a fresh Harvard graduate, but also a valuable experience. He befriended with Luke Handersen who helped him how to navigate in the world of stock market. Peter managed to gain a few new clients and more or less helped save Value Garrant from bankruptcy. He improved in the eyes of his colleagues, and especially with his boss Marcus Leonard, who considered him as a newbie and didn't really believe that he would last more than a few weeks. So he surprised everyone and got to a higher position. The mentioned Peter's last project eventually ran smoothly, even better with the help of Handersen's contacts. The invitation to a dinner with the boss traditionally practically meant career advancement.  If he didn't go to it, Peter Marks could easily start putting things from the office into the box the next day. číst dál


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"Tear off his heart!" screamed Herriet. "C'mon!!" číst dál


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(dedicated to S. M.) číst dál

Carol of the Blood

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The nine-year-old Jimmy Hoster woke up during the night at three am. Although the curtains were shut down (there was pictured giant Winnie-the-Pooh with hand deep dipped in enormous honey jug on that), the orange ray of light from the street lamp could still get through. Jimmy's view was suddenly fascinated by some kind of pind-sized pieces which punctuated that colorful glow. The boy put aside the blanket (and carefully with love covered his Teddy again with it) and went to the window. He drew back the curtains and his eyes just lit up. A wide smile filled his face, revealing his white teeth. Untill this day it hadn't snowed. And two more days and the Christmas are finally here! Jimmy really really wanted to find cowboy Woody from Toy Story under the Christmas tree. Actually the only thing he gasped for. But right now he was feeling such a great joy with the fresh snow. He told himself that he would take a sledge in the morning just after the breakfast and go for a ride. Maybe Carrie would join him - a tiny and red-haired eight-year-old girl from their neighbours who he befriended. číst dál

Unexpected visit

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Annie Torn was really looking forward to today. Her parents had been still amazed that their almost adult daughter was still enjoying it. "Instead of finally having a boyfriend, you still go begging alone," always said her mum with a smile. This year's Halloween was dated on Friday. číst dál


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The night was dark. The sky was covered by grey clouds with a steely shade. There was furiously raining for the whole day but now it seemed that the weather calmed down. For a while at least. The surrounding silence was suddenly interrupted by some sound. A small flock flew from the nearby woodland. číst dál


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"Wake up, princess. We are here." číst dál


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The moon finally came out of the clouds and shined local area. Suddenly the man saw it straight ahead - large deep forest. Just go throw it and then he will be at home. At least that's what they told him. He came to the edge where quite wide stream stopped him. The moon was glittering on its level. The water itself was a bit darker than normal. Maybe it was because the time - it was several minutes after midnight. The man was still going along the stream untill he found a few stones on which he could go across to the other side. He looked back. Nobody was anywhere. He just had to walk a long time since he had seen the last house. He turned around and went into the heart of the woodland. číst dál

Matter of the heart

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"So do you believe now that I'm real?" číst dál


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"I wanna another beer. Anyone else?" číst dál

The Boss

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Mickey Hall aggressively hit massive timbered table with a clenched fist. číst dál

The curse? - part 2

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"Did you call me, Stanley?" číst dál

The curse? - part 1

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When he woke up and open his eyes, he found out that he is in some stoney room. He was surprised that there weren't any windows. The room was lit up by several torches which was held in metal racks on the walls. He stood up and tried to remember what just happened and where he is. It seemed that his head is completely empty. He slowly started taking a look around the room. It was relatively spacious rounded place. The air was mouldy. There was a small chest of drawers by the wall which was locked with big padlock. Next to it was petty wooden table with pile of yellowed papers and some books covered with dust. Beside the papers there was a small capsule with golden sides. When he opened it he saw beautifully decorated fountain pen. He admired it with passion. číst dál