Matter of the heart

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"So do you believe now that I'm real?"
"To be honest you just don't look like that."
No reaction.
"I haven't heard from nowhere that you would be speechless. Or am I wrong?"
"Phew! I already started to be really concerned. Indeed. But for the inception it isn't bad. Forsooth."
"Wh-what do you want here?"
"Oh, you don't know? How prodigious. You wanted it yourself. Just remember what I promised you. And I keep my promises. When I am thinking about it right here, right now, it's the only one thing you can always rely on me. And I never forget. Never ever. Remember it. I've always been like this. From the ancient time. And I'm not going to change. Why would I do it if it totally suits me? Do you want to know the reason? So I am always sure that I will achieve my own. Just like some backup. I've met thousands of people such like you. And each of them acted absolutely same. As a damn copy. Like by template. The same. It's still the same all the time. You people are just like that. Everyone is what it is. And then I understand why you are simply what you are. That's why I know that you will never change and act like that forever. And that's why I always win." Pause. "This is the reason why I am here - to not break the cycle. Moreover you aren't used to make big changes. Please don't appologize for that. It has been given since the beginning. I know it. I do because I was there from the inception. Actually, to be honest, it is due to me. I arranged it. No one believed that it would be important. Okay, I confess that I wanted it this way pre-eminently for myself. Such a selfish, I know, but that's what am I. So I have no reason to put the blame on me. Why would I do that, right?" Pause. "You just still don't understand the keystone of it all. And you never will. And that's what I really like about you. Thanks to this feature I will always be the better one. When I'm thinking about it now, it can't be taken like that. Well yes. That's actually your merit. I cannot do anything about it. How do you always say? Never say never? Yes, that's it! And I have absolutely no reason to change what is done. You are already accustomed to it. And you're right that I am the better one. I will always be. There are many reasons for that but the only one is enough. I...AM...ETERNAL!" I went silence again.
"Who are you in fact?"
I looked at him and I just had to little smile. Oh, how small and petite he is against me. And weak.
"Who am I? Why do you people forget my name so often?! Oh well, I'll tell it again. I am Morthynuss. But sometimes I'm just called Angel from Hell!"
At that moment I spread my huge dark blue wings with a bright red margin and soared up a few metres off the ground. Instead of eyes there is a green ray which can kill. And it often does. Naturally I am able to control the fire because of my origin from Hell. I can cast it out of my hands. If someone is so naive that he or she wants to escape I can easily stop them with a long charcoal black tongue. With it I am able to shortly paralyzed parts which it touches. But for that there are more suitable two giant silver worms that literally jump out of my body. With their help the paralyzed effect is much more stronger and powerful. If it happens, the rival has no chance. And after that I can do whatever I want. Absolutely  anything.
I descended to the ground again and took a look at him.
"Enough talking, now let's have some fun. Do you know why I am here? Well, your heart knows it entirely!" I laughed with dark deep laughter which was accompanied with the second voice. It sounded like if I would be talking with two voices at the same time, but only one being a few hundredth slower.
"So what? Will you open your heart for me?" Pause. "Voluntarily?!"
He did exactly what I expected. Why the hell do they always think that they can escape me? Indeed hilarious.
I widely outstretched hands and at that moment a white blinding light started to shine out of my chest. A second later two Sabbals leaped out from there - humongous worms without eyes, just with big jaws and small spines on their back. One of them immediately bit his leg. It happened in less than half of second. The other worm stopped in front of him and just started to mercurially move from side to side.
I slowly walked to him. In one quick motion I grabbed him by the neck and carried the man into the air. I approached with free hand to his chest. And then a flame burst from my palm and I dived into his body. After that there was heard short crunching and suddenly there appeared still pulsating heart in my hand. Warm blood was slowly dropping between fingers. And then I released his body. Before the body hit the ground, I caught it in flame. Only a few bones remained.

It was the high time to go. My Master was already impatiently waiting for me.

The End

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