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The moon finally came out of the clouds and shined local area. Suddenly the man saw it straight ahead - large deep forest. Just go throw it and then he will be at home. At least that's what they told him. He came to the edge where quite wide stream stopped him. The moon was glittering on its level. The water itself was a bit darker than normal. Maybe it was because the time - it was several minutes after midnight. The man was still going along the stream untill he found a few stones on which he could go across to the other side. He looked back. Nobody was anywhere. He just had to walk a long time since he had seen the last house. He turned around and went into the heart of the woodland.
He was just staying at the edge of the forest for a while. He was listening. Time to time he only heard some owl. Beside of that there was absolute silence. He slowly started to go. Sometimes he had to push through the heavy bushes and trees. It was obvious that the light really diminished.
At one moment he had a feeling that someone was walking behind him. But when he turned back he saw non-one. So he just let it go. After all, it's always whenever you go alone in the dark. You turn to every single strange sound.
He was right, someone really walked behind him. Or rather something.
The man came to big spiry rock. There were several stones with various size placed around it. If someone looked at it from above he would see that the stones were stacked inthe shape of a skull.
"STOP!" shouted Jeremy Bowless. "Let's have some little break." He stood up from director's chair and stretched out. The reflectors put the light on and shined all space around. Jeremy walked straight to the table and took one sandwich.
He wasn't successfull director at all. He received bitter criticism for the few of his films. Someone even suggested him to start working in completely different field. But Jeremy was strongly convinced that if all that critics looked at it through his eyes they would definitely change their mind about him. Jeremy just wanted to prove them that he manage to make good movies, although the fact they were basically shooted with only low budget. And he would finally achieve deserved success. With no doubt. He was truly convinced about it.
Needless to say that he hadn't been lucky for the whole his life. He was almost fired from the high school. During the study he dreamed about film, his own movie, which would bring him a few million. And who knows, maybe he would win some Oscar or something like that. He saw himself how someone will make a movie about him so that others could see what is true determination to fulfill own dream. But it was just and only his dream after all. It couldn't be say that he didn't shoot anything. And whatmore - three perfect movies. Unfortunately perfect only for Jeremy. The others saw it utterly otherwise. Sometimes he was called the second Ed Wood Jr. Thorough Jeremy didn't have the feature of giving up his dreams in his nature. He never gave up in his whole life. Because he believed that it's the only and true way how to achieve your goal.

And now the next movie was coming. It would be his first horror. Jeremy really enjoyed experimenting in his films. His imagination had no end. Sometimes it was quite absurd.
Suddenly the reflectors shortly blinked. Just as he wanted to look at them, they went out completely.
"Hey?! What the hell is going on with that thrash?" Jeremy shouted.
Absolute silence. He was completely alone there what he really didn't get it. He noticed that one of the camera was still recording. But where did everyone suddenly disappear. They were supposed to shoot one more scene. That was the plan. The original one.
Jeremy didn't understand what happened at all. He came to the camera and he wanted to turn it off. But before he could do that, he noticed Jack O'Brian's creamy white flat cap on the ground. Jack was his court cameraman.
That's fucking weird. Abruptly there came up memory of first meeting with Jack in his head - exceedingly tall and wiry  man, over two meters high with good-natured brown eyes. Only a few people knew that he is completely bald - it was because Jack was wearing his flat cap all the time. He even once told Jeremy that he couldn't imagine going anywhere without that cap.
Poor Jack, what happened with you for god sake? Jeremy's hands started to shake. It all just began to occur, all at once. He is alone in the middle of dark forest, without Jack and other colleagues, and yet not alone. Someone had to kidnap them, with no doubt. But how could anybody do that without any sound?
Jeremy started to look around. His eyes still didn't used to ambient dark. The whole place was just dimly lit by mild shine of the moon.
The man held the breath and listened. He saw no one, heard nothing. Nothing at all - no animals, even no wind. It seemed like in some dead zone. That really wasn't normal. Even when you are in the forest alone there isn't absolute silence. Until here. Pure tranquility.  Unnatural. Macabre.
He knew what to do. Quickly leave this damned place - as fast as possible; before the kidnappers might return. He picked up the flat cap from the ground and set off. He wasn't very sure where to go. They had been filming deep enough in the forest. After a few minutes of thinking  he left the shooting area with all the equipment.
Each moment he stopped, listnened and looked around, then set again. He knew that sooner or later he would be outside from the wood, before they went maximally half and hour.
But when after about forty minutes he didn't see the end of the forest, he thought for himself that he had to go wrong direction. He estimated  that the best would be to ge back back where they were shooting. And then he'd somehow know. He turned around and went the same way. It wasn't same at all - even after an hour he didn't see that place. He didn't get it. He hadn't been turning anywhere before.
Suddenly he realized something. He felt faint smell of smoke. Jeremy continued cautiously. All at once he stepped on something oddly soft. The man bent down and what he saw it utterly took hus breath away. It was a human hand, or more precisely one part of it. A palm with a half of forearm from which a bone protruded. Jeremy's stomach lifted up and he began to vomit. Just as he straightened, he felt stabing at his neck. The man immediately lost consciousness.

He heard  a muted whisper. He slowly opened eyes and found out that he was firmly strapped with a dirty rope to the chair. He was in not so large room with chaotically spaced various stuff. He couldn't describe it better. Half-damaged armchair, sofa eaten by rats, buckets, wooden pole, small oval table with one missing leg.
Suddenly there was heard sound so typical for just and only one thing. Noninterchangeable. The flimsy door swung open and Jeremy saw two giant figures. One of them held something small in its hand. It threw that thing to Jeremy's feet. Jeremy quietly shouted because he immediately recognised what it was. Jack was looking at him with horrified big eyes.
The monsters walked in. They were unnaturally hulky people. Well, people wasn't the right expression. One of them had the right side of his head malformed as if dented. He had a festering bloodstain instead of his left eye. The second giant, according to his partial appearance, was probably his brother. A chainsaw snarled in his hand and the blood was still dripping. Both brothers had thinning gray hair, wearing a very dirty vests and baggy trousers. They looked absolutely disgusting and smelled even worse. They muttered something to each other. Jeremy concluded that neither of them had teeth. The tied man tried to free himself from the rope at all costs but he was somehow vry weak. His head dropped. He heard shuffling footsteps. Suddenly he felt one creature lifting his head by the hair. The saw began to scream again.

The End

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