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The night was dark. The sky was covered by grey clouds with a steely shade. There was furiously raining for the whole day but now it seemed that the weather calmed down. For a while at least. The surrounding silence was suddenly interrupted by some sound. A small flock flew from the nearby woodland.
The engine was snarling and breathing heavily. Truck had the whole highway just for itself. However, it drove slowly because the aphalt surface of the road was very wet and slippery after all-day downpour. It seemed as if the vehicle went on a mirror and it moved forward with an ease.
Sam Leeds looked at turned off radio. The clock on it was showing the time 0:20 am. He'd have to take a break in a moment. He slowed down a bit and started looking after information signs. Suddenly the big board caught his eye. It said:

Do you hanker for rest, refreshment
and enterteinment
after a long journey?
Visit Bernie's motel!
Just 4 miles ahead.
Follow the lights.
We'll make all dreams come true.

It didn't take a long time and the man saw the exit to the motel. The road was zigzag and murky. And then, beyond the curve, a relatively large building was visible there, with brightly coloured flashing stripes of lights on its front wall.
Sam had to park over two parking places. He turned off the engine, walked out of the truck cab and checked if the cargo was carefully and securely ensured. After that he headed to the front door.

Inside the motel seemed bigger than from the outside. Just right at the door there was stuffed bear and many attires. The walls were covered by a lot of various posters - from films to music. There was playing jukebox somewhere in the corner. Almost the half of the room was occupied by U-shaped bar. The paneling of the bar was made of transparent panels which were chaotically changing colours; otherwise a red band was permanently shining under the top desk. The plith was lit in green.
Sam looked around. There could be about twenty, twenty-five people with him. And of course the stuff. They were all young women except the barman. The female stuff wore baldly purple miniskirts with white stripes, black high heeled shoes, white knee socks and sleeveless tops in pale yellow colour. The bartender, who could be about fifty years old, was all in black - pants and shirt, only the bow tie was pale blue with a light border.
Sam headed to the bar and asked if he could get strong fresh coffee into the thermos. The barman just nodded and began to prepare it. A white-haired old man with a monstrously large beard sat next to Sam. He had deep wrinkles and under the left eye there was a small but clearly visible scar. Very dark black eyes were a bit sunken, with large pouches underneath. The man put an already worn leather hat with a gold buckle on the bar desk.
"As usual, Henry," shouted at barman. Then he turned to Sam.
"I'm some Bill Carston, for friends and friends of friends just Billy."
"Nice to meet you, Sam Leeds," replied Sam and shook his hand.
"You"re probably not local, are you?" exclaimed Billy. It was evident that he didn't hear very well and so he kept shouting.
"You are right, I am not," replied Sam. "How did you reveal me?"
"Well, just," Billy took his whisky and flipped it to himself, "you just have a little bit different accent, that's all."
"Oh I see."
"And what do you do for a living if I can ask you?"
"I'm a truck driver," said Sam. "I'm working for the McLoad company."
"Wait a minute, do you mean old McLoad," lively shouted Billy, "Freddy McLoad?"
"Yes, but he's just in the retirement," explained Sam. "The company is now run by his two sons - Carl and Joseph."
"So he's already retired, bastard," nodded Billy with his head and at Sam's stunned look he continued: "He's my old friend from the army, you know?"
"I thought that."
"You're a bright man," laughed Billy and ordered the second whisky.
"Oh sooorry, I forgot your name..."
"Yep, Sam," shouted Billy. "You know, my head ain't the youngest anymore and I can't keep lot of things inside."
"Nevermind, nothing happened," smiled Sam. "Do you live somewhere nearby?"
"Yoyo, I've been living in some dinky tiny village my whole life which is far, Henry?" he turned to barman but then he answered himself: "about half an hour in free walking from here." He drank a bit. "So I have it about in an hour but only when I'm not hanging around," he laughed and it sounded as a mare.
He calmed down and reached for another glass.
Sam looked at the clock above the bar. It was the highest time to go if he wanted to make it in calm to sunrise.
"I'm glad to meet you, Bill," he said to him, "but I have to continue on my way again."
"Yes, yes the packages always have to be delivered in time!" blurted out the old man. "So have a nice trip..well...ehm..."
"Sam," smiled Billy and revealed his six teeth. Three of them were gold.
"Take care, Billy."
"Yeah thanks, you too!" croaked the man and ordered the next glass of whisky.

Sam got up, paid for his coffee and left the motel with full thermos in his hand. He opened the cab of the truck and climbed into it. He was just sitting there for a while. Then he turned with a key and started the engine. He shifted the one into gear but as soon as he had gone about five metres, the engine stucked. He stopped and tryied to turn the key again. Without effect, the engine didn't catch at all.
He cursed and rashly slammed into the steering wheel. After while he left the car. He opened the cover of engine and examined it for a few minutes. But all just seemed okay. Nothing was damaged or impaired. He pulled the cell phone from his pocket but he only found out that it had a completely discharged battery. He didn't get it because he had been calling his wife Ireth less than an hour ago and it was fully charged. The man threw his mobile phone on the seat. He turned to the motel and walked bach to the building again.

"Do you have a phone here, please?" he asked the bartender.
"Yes, upstairs," replied barman named Henry. "Monica!" called a nearby waitress, "take this gentleman to the phone."
"Of course," answered with high voice. She came to Sam a looked at him with enormously big dark-green eyes. The strong parfume was smelled from her.
"Follow me, please," she said and left the bar.
Sam went after her. She was very petite, not more 5.2 ft tall according to man's estimation. Long ginger hair reached till her tiny waist. She walk with absolute effortlessness and elegance. All guys had to go crazy with her althought she was barely 17 years old. She had relatively large hips for her figure which she shaked in provocative way. Her hair was nicely waving.
They came to the stairway and began to climb up. Sam had several time a chance to see Monica's pink panties. The man always tried to look away but  he still looked there again after a while. If he saw the girl in front, he would see that she was smilling all the time. She was obviously used to attracting attention and she really enjoyed it. Sometimes she ran her hands through her fiery hair.
The way seemed almost neverending. Finally the couple crossed the last step and went out into a narrow hallway with a wooden plank floor. On the side where the stairs ended, the edge was demarcated with decorated handrails. Sam bended over it and took a look down. There was seen the whole room with bar and guests. But the oddly thing was that absolute no sound was heard from there. As if only Sam with Monica suddenly stayed  at the motel. Which was of course a nonsense. He just stood there for a while, leaning against the handrails and was thinking all about it.
"Did you want to take to the phone, sir?" woke him Monica from thoughts.
"Ohh, yes, sorry, I just took a think a bit I guess," replied Sam and turned to her. And then he just got stunned. He hadn't realized until now how gorgeous and beautiful she was. Unusually exactly symmetrical face, without a single flaw, accentuated by the amount of make-up. The bright red lipstick made her full lips more fully visible, the eyeliner made her eyes very large. Goddess. It was the first word that came to Sam's mind. The goddest really exist and one of them just descended from heaven. She was perfect. Utterly and absolutely!
Sam still stood there like a stone. He totally forgot about the whole world around, about his wife Ireth, who was more than 600 kilometres far away; he didn't perceive anything at all. Only Monica. She just looked like as the living dream. But it was for real, he was clearly sure about that. Really? Was that true reality? Yes, yes, he insured himself. This is really happening.
Monica came to him and took his hands. He smelled the strong perfume again, felt her warmth. She led Sam to one of the rooms. He let himself to be led. She locked the door. Monica lightly sat him on the bed and then she sat on his crotch. She began to caress his hair. She closed his eyes with her hands. Then she slightly kissed him on forehead and lips. He hugged her. She got up and they both started to take off their clothes. It didn't take a long and in a moment all the outfits were lying on the ground in various ways.
They began to have sex. They enjoyed it, they were in no hurry. At one moment Sam got a feeling that Monica's eyes had chanched. They were quite smaller and completely black. But he assumed that it was just a game of imagination.
Suddenly a pinkish wisp began to come out of her eyes. It illuminated Sam's face.
"Take it easy and breathe," said Monica. Her voice was a bit deeper. "Just breathe and join us." And then she whispered: "Get to know our world."
Sorrin worked quickly. Sam felt like being zonk out. As if hypnotized. Abruptly he felt some kind of strange formication all over his body. Just like pins and needles. He started to shake. Monica was still smiling above him. He lost consciousness.


When he opened his eyes, he had absolutely no idea what was going on nor he didn't remember where he was. Suddenly he saw everything in shades of red.
"Calm down, everything is allright," said some female voice. Monica! He remembered her name.
"What is..."
"Shh," comforted him Monica. "There's nothing to be afraid of, don't worry about anything. You are already one of us." She paused. "You'll get used to everything soon."
"What should I get used to?"
"You're not human anymore. You are demon now."
She nodded. "You will see that it's better."
He went quiet and thought about it.
"Come," call him Monica and helped him out of the bed. "I have to show you everything. Mainly how to use metamorphoses."
She tilted her head back and spread her arms. One second later she was slightly floating. She turned around and Sam suddenly see how she had huge wings on her back.
"We're able to tranform into human appearance, when necessary. But our ruler Osscarus Magni will tell you more. He's already expecting you."
He didn't understand anything at all. Who exactly is he? What was he before. He just didn't remember anything.
"Come on," said Monica and took his hand. "I'll take you to him."
Sam, still zonked by everything, grabbed her and let himself to be led.

The End

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