Wendy's day

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Sandra Marks was entwining strands of her hair with her fingers. She did it every time when she was nervous. She was supposed to go to dinner with her husband Peter tonight. Peter worked as investment broker on the Wall Street. And just today he was invited to prestigious restaurant Le Bernardin where his boss will be and also several important people with whom it was appropriate to get acquainted. In New York, and even more in Manhattan, the contacts were the basic. Therefore the attendance at the dinner was actually almost obligatory. A few people didn't belive that the last Peter's project would be successfull because one partner had some minor reservations about the investment contract. At that time, the stock exchange stagnated and the value of the dollar slowly declined. A similar situation was excatly six years ago when Peter began working for an investment company Value Garrant. It was a hard time for a fresh Harvard graduate, but also a valuable experience. He befriended with Luke Handersen who helped him how to navigate in the world of stock market. Peter managed to gain a few new clients and more or less helped save Value Garrant from bankruptcy. He improved in the eyes of his colleagues, and especially with his boss Marcus Leonard, who considered him as a newbie and didn't really believe that he would last more than a few weeks. So he surprised everyone and got to a higher position. The mentioned Peter's last project eventually ran smoothly, even better with the help of Handersen's contacts. The invitation to a dinner with the boss traditionally practically meant career advancement.  If he didn't go to it, Peter Marks could easily start putting things from the office into the box the next day.

Sandra knew how that dinner was very important for Peter. But she didn't want much to go there.  Less than four years ago, their beautiful daughter Wendy was born. They both loved her very much but still somehow Sandra felt that Wendy's relationship with her was a little stronger than with Peter. It was probably caused that she spent the most time with her daughter, because Peter was at work until evening and sometimes over the weekend. Wendy was good and kind little girl, but sometimes a pretty nice general and boss. Such an occasion stubbornness she inherited from her father. But when she fixed her beautiful bright blue eyes on someone and more added a disarming smile, everyone was lost and more or less she always achieved her own. The reason why Sandra didn't want much to go was about little Wendy. She was very worried about her and she would never forgive herself if something happened to her. So it meant that she necessarily needed babysitter today. In those four years Wendy had been at home without parents only once. That was when Sandra and Peter went to the theater. But by some coincidence Sandra's friend Bella visited her that day afternoon. And she advised her one agency and specifically recommended Mrs. Smithers. She was already a retired lady but above all she loved and adored children. She was very nice with them. A little paradox was that she herself had no children. She couldn't have them. Sandra and Mrs. Smithers quickly befriended. The old lady was very nimble and vital for her age. Beside the kids she adored tea. If she didn't drink her favourite cup every morning and exactly at three in the afternoon, she was sulky. But whenever she had children around her, she completely shone herself. She loved children and they loved her. Whether any child was crying, after a while in her presence the weep stopped and then there was heard only laughter from the room. Although Mrs. Smithers was a smaller figure but even greater was her gift. When someone looked to he dark green eyes, he or she saw there intelligence and pure joy. Her white hair was always menticulously pulled back into a grandiose chignon. And although she lost her husband many years ago, she was happy in its own way. Her spouse had an incurable disease and later suffered from dementia. Towards the end of his life he even didn't regognize his wife anymore. Mrs. Smithers kept persistently telling herself that he was better now, no more suffering. Every day, in any weather, she went to the cemetery to light a candle and change the water in the vase.

Sandra picked up the phone and dialed the mentioned agency's number. The telephone rang and rang but with no response. It seemed strange to Sandra. She was about to hang up and try to call elsewhere when someone on the other side finally took it. It was a middle-aged woman with a slightly cracked voice.
"Dellavere Agency, what is your wish?"
"Hello, Sandra Marks speaking. I will need some babysitter for tonight. Would Mrs. Smithers have time? Maggie Smithers?"
There was heard only silence on the other side.
"No one like that works at us, ma'am."
This time Sandra bewildered. How is it possible? Does it mean that Maggie finally went to fully-fledged retirement?
"Hello, ma'am, are you there?" resounded the voice in the phone.
"Yes, I'm here," Sandra replied.
"So you wanted babysitting?"
"Oh yes. Could you send someone to six o'clock today?"
"That's why we're here, ma'am...mmh..."
"Marks. Can you tell me your address?"
Sandra dictated it to her and just to make it sure she repeated once again the time when she would need babysitting.
"Don't worry. You can rely on it. We'll take care of your baby."
"Thank you," Sandra said and before she could add anything more, on the other side it clicked and silence fell.

It was already five minutes past six. Sandra was walking nervously from one end of the room to the other and from time to time she looked out the window at the street.
"Just calm down, San," Peter consoled her. "We still have some minutes to go and she will definitely be here in a moment."
As soon as he said it, Sandra heard a car approaching and braking at their house. Sandra ran to the window and saw a dark red Cadillac with a white stripe in the middle. After a while a young woman in a polka-dot dress got out of the car in a graceful way. She had a smaller vineous handbag which she slung over her shoulder. Her step was certain and quick. When she saw Sandra in the window, she smiled and waved at her. Sandra reciprocated her greeting. She looks pretty nice, Sandra thought. I'll still be thinking about Wendy during the dinner anyway but the new nanny will definitely take a good care of my little girl.
The bell rang. Sandra went down the stairs and opened the door. She hadn't even noticed before how beautiful the young lady was. She had slightly pinkish skin and distinctive red lipstick. The young woman smiled and showed meticulously maintained white teeth.
"Hi there," she said cheerfully and shook Sandra's hand. "My name is Jane Stoker. I'm going to keep your daughter company tonight."
"Sandra Marks, nice to meet you. And this is my husband Peter," replied Sandra. "You are our savior."
"I like to look after her and take care for you as if she would be my own." Jane's eyes subtly coruscated as she said it. "And what's her name?"
"Wendy. She is the most precious we have."
"I don't like to disturb you, ladies," Peter said, "but we should slowly go, San."
"Sure, dear," responded Sandra. I'll just take Jane for a quick little tour to know where what is."
"Okay, we still have some time."

Ten minutes later the spouses Marks were already sitting in the car. Little Wendy had been sleeping but when Sandra kissed her on the cheek as she left, Wendy smiled. Jane Stoker stood at the front door, smiling and looking at the departing car. But her smile was cold as ice. She was wainting there until the car was out of her sight. She believed that everything would go smoothly. She finally closed the door and secured it with the door chain. The young woman ran her tongue over her dark red lips. She was already hungry.
Jane flattened her dress and headed to the stairs. The railing was beautifully decorated, the steps covered with a pale blue patterned carpet. The woman walked slowly with absolutely no rush. Her hand was slightly sliding on the smooth railing. She was heading straight to the Wendy's room.

Wendy began to fall asleep again just after her parents left. Suddenly she opened her eyes abruptly. There was pure fear and fright in them. And it was exactly at the moment when Jane Stoker took the door handle. Wendy began to cry and her breathing quickened. She felt her room filling with some invisible and dangerous darkness. The little girl stared at the handle as it was moving slowly. She had absolutely no idea who was hiding behind the door but somehow she felt that it would be a bad man. Or something different than just human?
The door opened noiselessly. A dark figure stood in the hallway. Big red eyes shone into the room. Wendy wanted to get up sharply but she was totally and utterly paralyzed by fear.
"Heya Wendy," the creature said with dark deep voice. "Wanna play together?"
Wendy still couldn't move at all. It seemed to her that some kind of invisible power was pushing her into the bed. The creature came in the room. The girl was suddenly caught with cold all over her body, she began to shake and chatter her teeth.
"You won't just lie there and even not to welcome me, will you? I really don't like this kind of BEHAVIOR!" She almost barked the last word and began approaching Wendy quickly with her arms widely outstretched. The little girl's pupils widened in pure fear. The figure was almost next to her when the girl suddenly realized that no more force was holding her anymore and she could move normally. She rolled out of the bed just in the moment as the creature wanted to grab her around the neck with bony hands. Wendy got up quickly and ran out of the room crying. The creature hissed and growled at the same time and followed her. She was in no hurry because she knew that the girl just couldn't run away from her run from her. No one had ever escaped her.

Wendy ran down the stairs and immediately headed for the front door. She took the door handle but it was locked. She tried to open it several time but without success. A desperate cry came out of her throat. She had to wipe her wet eyes with her. All at once she heard steps on the floor and so she hurried across the dining room to the kitchen where she hid in the small pantry room. All the food began to feel rotten, spoiled and stinking. She listened but heard nothing. She was still shaking uncontrollably all over her body.
Let it be just a dream, she kept telling herself. A terrible vivid dream. Oh my god, please, oh my god, oh my...
"GOTCHA!!" the creature screamed and rashly open the larder. Wendy was cowering in the corner and hugging her knees.
The monster entered and headed towards the girl quickly and assuredly. It seized her hair roughly and began to drag the girl out. Wendy was blaring in pain. She tried to catch something with her fingers but the stranger's hand was much stronger. In front of the pantry the creature slid the little girl across the laminated floor and Wendy hit her head very hard. She immediately placed her hand on the aching sore and new batch of tears began to trickle from her eyes.
"I finally got you, little bastard!" the creature shouted.
"After all, me too!!" someone said and right at that moment Wendy saw with her blurry eyes how thick pike appeared in the monster's upper part of body. A second later there was a second one. The creature screamed and a strange black liquid began to flow from its jaws. There was heard a terrifying grunt from the throat. The dark figure put both hands behind its back in an attempt to pull the stunned blades out of its body. But before it could do that, it felt a sudden sharp pain on its neck. Another thump followed, this time with more vigor. It yelled but its voice was wheezy. Wendy looked up to see the creature's head tilted to an unnatural angle to the side.The liquid welling out the wound was as murkily dark as from the maw. Most of the ligaments were torn and hung from its neck like thin ropes.
Someone's hand grabbed the monster's head and pulled it rashly and fast to the side. Another two or three ligaments vociferously broke. A stewing roar was resounding from the rest of the shredded throat. Suddenly the other hand appeared, holding a big cleaver covered in black blood. Free hand pulled the loose head and the other hand struck with all her might. The creature overthrew and fell down to the ground. Wendy started shrieking. Only now she began to slowly examine whom the hands belong to. Wendy widely open her mouth in astonishment and her eyes widened as an old lady stood in front of her with white hair pulled back into a large bun. They both stared at each other for a few seconds and then granny opened big satchel and put the severed head into it.
"I really appologize for all the mess around here, Wendy. There is nothing to be afraid of anymore. It's all gone now."
The little girl was still just sitting on the floor, still unable to speak.
"I'm not sure if you remember me. My name is Maggie Smithers and I've been already in your house to watch over you."
Finally Wendy's voice returned. "Is it really o-oo-ver?"
"That's right, Wendy. Don't worry. It's over."
"But what actually was that? And how you got here so fast?"
"What it was, it's not important now. You know what? You are so special kid, Wendy. And you have such a tremendous inner strenght. Thanks to that I was here so early. I know that you have a great future ahead of you."
"I still don't get it," Wendy said thoughtfully. "Why, why that...that thing hunted and went after me?"
"That monster grazes on children. And only children can see it."
"But how then..."
"That I saw it?" smiled Maggie. "You know, I'm gifted too. And my mission is to protect children like you and make sure that more and more of these creatures decrease. And I'll reinsure it this way," Maggie said and clapped on the satchel. Wendy swallowed dryly.
"Aren't you hungry, Wendy?" asked Maggie. "I'll make a custard if you want."
"I'd love to," replied little girl and for the firt time since her parents left, she smiled.
Maggie smiled back at her. "Deal. And now I will still be with you until your parents come back."

The End

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