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"I wanna another beer. Anyone else?"
"Yep, bring me one, Timmy," responded Lori.
The party was in full swing. The summer half at Queensland University just ended and Timothy Pollet threw a great farewell party. Needless to say that he had never been a star pupil. Both his parents tragically died during car accident when he was ten years old. Timothy then immured himself and if the mother's sister hadn't taken him under her wings he would probably impacted very bad. But with time he managed to countervail with it. It was maybe because he inherited features giving up and still keep fighting further after his father.


At first they headed to small mall centre. It was maybe just coincidence that they chose right this place. But after while their purpose was very clear indeed even nobody had no idea why and what the hell they are.


They all had such a great time. Parties which organized Timothy Pollet were always grandiose. Particularly during the college at university. Timothy always claimed that he decided to go study in order not to work straight away. He looked like a guy who is for any kind of fun or pranks all the time but only his two the closest and best friends knew how rough his childhood was. They were Lori Hoover - with her he had already study at high school - and Fred Cohen. Fred was son of rich banker but he had never made a show of it or even take advantage of this aspect. He didn't want to be famous and he was very modest. That was the point why Timothy liked him. What about that Fred was black? He had never had problem with that. His best features were that he always managed to bright the day, stay positive and calm. Lori was much different than him. Sometimes just a little was enough and she literally jumped out of her skin. Especially when someone said anything rude or pesky about her friends. Because of being choleric this was the reason why Lori didn't have many friends, the real ones. Timothy and Fred were almost like her own brothers. Despite the fact she was sanguineous, she was also reliable. But there was a little problem that she jumped to anything straight and without thinking about it in advance. And sometimes it brought consequences...


That was really an awful look! Dozens of mutilated bodies. If anybody just had come there he or she wouldn't have been able to recognise whom any of that dead man was before. Charlady? Newlyweds? The one with that crushed skull was probably lawyer according to his expensive tuxedo. From some of them the blood was still running out and it mixed with various guts to form a strange mixture of even stranger colour. Lot of dead people had huge hole right on stomach from which bowels came out. There was also miscellaneously stained grey brain matter. There is no difference between stupid or teacher - all look absolutely same. One young woman lain on checkout desk with half-split head from which brain was still leaking. She couldn't be even twenty years old. So much she could achieve! And now the only thing her brain managed to do was properly messing up red-and-white desk and it started to create some weird patterns like painted by insane artist. Two huge ventilators were still spinning and spreading the scent of corpses.


Old pendulum clock was just beating midnight. But nobody seemed tired. Whatever that the party had begun at about half past seven. Probably ten people were there, the most of them from university. Timothy liked them all but the closest and best were Lori and Fred. They had spend such a great time together and knew what to expect from each other.

Timothy Pollet loved Brisbane. Although he was born in Ireland, when he was three years old his family moved here to Australia. Timothy always considered himself as Australian, with all his heart and soul. And soon he was able to learn perfect Australian accent - who had met him for the first time he wouldn't have known its origin. When little Timothy, at that time already in Australia, asked his parents why they left, they told him that they had decided to make a longer vacation. It wasn't entirely true. They were basically forced to leave. Along about that time in there was huge crises, strikes and riots in the Ireland and many people died there. There were several guys from the IRA practically on each corner, in every streets. They always had such a serious expresion on their faces. The Pollets knew that they just had to get out of the country and to safe their only son whatever it would take. Far, far away from that atrocity. Timothy had absolutely no idea what was going on; he thought it was part of some game. Whenever he saw a patrols he immediately saluted them. But always from safe distance, after all he still felt such an odd fear even though he didn't know why. On one night the family managed to get to their friend's harbor. During the way they heard short and sharp barking of guns and they encountered several injured people. But there was no time to stop, Maria Pollet just pushed her son a bit more in her arms. However Timothy saw it for a short instant - a few people were just lying on the ground, probably sleeping, and there was spilled some kind of red colour or what. But Timothy fell asleep soon after that.
Despite the fact that they hadn't talked about it in Australia, Timothy just had it stored somewhere in his mind although he even didn't know about it. Nevertheless he had hidden resistance to weapons and violence since then.


There was something wrong. For Ethan Pauls it was first night shift in smaller nonstop fastfood. He was just preparing a few hamburgers for two late quests. Recently he was fired from the high school and he just didn't want to study again. But he had to find something because he had been living in small studio flat. About year ago he was dating with one girl and they planned to get out and live together. It was more sure thing for Ethan when he had rough argument with his papa who was alcoholic and several years widower. So he decided to run away the next morning. He knew that the new life is ahead. Better than ever before. But it didn't take a long time and it started squeaking between them. They were arguing more and more often. And whatmore, Ethan started to have feeling that she had been having affair with another guy. So one day he decided to show her who is the boss. During last raw quarrel he sent her to the hell. He had no one since then. It maybe caused the fact that he somehow placed in his head that all girls are the same as that bitch. He, Ethan, doesn't need anyone. He'd rather be alone.
He had it on his mind when he was now preparing the salad. But after he turned off the water, he was strucked with such an odd silence. It was strange because that enamoured couple were so lively chatting no long time ago. Especially the girl had such a high and bright laugh. Ethan even could hear pieces of conversation despite the fact that radio was slightly turned on. But now there was absolutely no sound. Maybe that young people had an argument? It definitely caused that girl, all are the same afterall, thought Ethan for himself. But then he concluded that guest is guest and so he'd finish these hamburgers and just take the money. He stopped thinking about it and quickly fried two slices of meat. Ethan pulled up the tray, put the food on it and filled two cups with diet coke. He opened the door and went out of the kitchen. He was again a bit surprised when he didn't hear any sound from dining room. But whatever, some people are just strange, he thought. Ethan slowly came with the tray to the table, where night guests were sitting. Well, to be honest - sitting wasn't the right word. It seemed that they just fell asleep right on that table - both of them were leaning with their foreheads on the desk. Ethan even didn't reach them and called out: "So here we go, gentlefolks." Without any reaction. "Hallo, waking-up time," he smiled. He slightly tapped the young man's shoulder. Nothing. "What the hell is wrong with you?" Ethan was still holding the tray in one hand and he decided to pick him up with the other. What then he saw it literally took his breath away. His eyes widened in fear. He couldn't normally breath. The tray fell down. He started feeling dizzy. He even didn't realize that one cup landed without spilling. Hamburgers smashed on the floor. He felt like his stomach would be on carousel and he had a feeling to start vomit soon. Only one question was spreading again and again in his head - how? Sickness and loathing. Just the way how that young man fell over backboard of the chair. His head turned back to the side, hands were slightly swinging. Ethan's next view was on young man's stomach. Well, there where people usually stomach have. Instead of that there was huge ripped hole. Bowels just decided not to squeeze inside and pretty nicely came out to say hello to the world. But some of them were stucked in halfway. Part of frayed guts seems like clew of snakes. All was bloody and even more stained with some kind of green liqiud. There was slime constantly flowing out of anywhere. The question was why Ethan hadn't heard no sound before. Even speechless man would shout. Ethan was constantly shaking and he just couldn't move. His stomach made a pretty carousel and everything threw away. He was still bended and persistently vomiting. Suddenly young man heard weird noise. It sounded like when someone is squeezing the rest of toothpaste or cream. Ethan turned in that direction but he saw nothing. But he was still sure that something was hiding there. Abruptly started wheezy yelling and Ethan saw several dark red eyes by the exit which were as if they were constantly turning a bit. And then it happened. It lasted only few seconds. Ethan was so scared that he was unable to move. Four odd creatures were coming closer to him. They were small, maybe about one metre high. The bodies were covered with smooth sharply purple skin. The head distantly seemed like koala bear's but it was somehow misshapen. Ethan was able to notice strong tail. But he had no more time to explore anything else. The freaks quickly jumped to him. They were steadily moving their heads from side to side like they would had some kind of jerk. One mutated koala looked straightway into young man's eyes and then it wrinkled upper lip. There were some kind of small groove. It bended her head backward and after that it immediately squirted gloomy green  fluid and hit Ethan into his stomach. Young man fell out like he would be paralyzed. The acid started him slowly eat away. The last thing what Ethan saw was how the creatures approached with huge claw on their big paws.


Fred Cohen was sitting next to the window and he was looking outside at empty street. There was absolute peace outside. But suddenly for a very short moment he had a feeling that something glimpsed across the street. But no matter how he was looking, he saw nothing there after that. He came to conclusion that he had only dreamed it - he had drank enough after all. Fred was just sitting there for a while but then his eyes began to close.

They were there. They were waiting.

Lori had a vividly conversation with Timothy. She already had more drinks than usually. Lori had always set some limit but she decided not to keep it today. She had long and tiring day and she just wanted to have fun. She was sitting on big couch next to Timothy and both of them were holding beer. Lori just drank hers up. Small bottle was still in her hand and she was slowly spinning with it to make sure if there was really nothing left. She turned to Timothy and gave him such a sad look that the young man couldn't resist and began to laugh.

And now they were slowly approaching the house.

"What was that?" shouted Lori. At that moment Fred Cohen run up there. Both of his hands were greatly shaking. And he was sweating.
"Hurry up. We have to move!" he yelled as soon as he caught his breath.
"What's going on?"
"There is no time for that, just come with me!"
Fred didn't wait for anything and immediately went out. Lori took a short look on Timothy and then they followed their friend. They were just passing the kitchen. But what they saw there it made them immobilized. Lori turned around and started to vomit. It was sick and awful! Ripped bodies. Lots of blood. Smudged bowels. Strange slime everywhere. Were they dead? Surprising? Who the hell could survive that?! Slaughter. Massacre. Disgust. Execration. Inhumanity and barbarousness.
"What the fuck are you waiting for? Move on!" shouted Fred.
Suddenly they heard oddly wheezing behind them. They were there, slightly crouched. Their heads were constantly spinning from side to side. Bloody red eyes seemed very scary and horrifying. Then very unpleasant loudly screaming resounded and at that moment they threw themself at them. Three friends had no chance. At first they assaulted Timothy. The attack was totally unexpected and very fast indeed. But they didn't use that strange green slime for this time. They just jumped on him and started to jangle and gut his body with their huge claws.
"Leave him alone you fucking bastards!" yelled Lori and wanted to attack them. One creature immediatelly turned around and bended its head backward. The acid hit her chin and chest. She was eaten alive. Lori was still looking at Fred. He had his eyes widely open and didn't know what to do. The only thing he was sure about it was that he couldn't help his friends anymore. So he decided to try to escape. The creatures saw the movement and started to follow him. One of them jumped on Fred's back and bited to his neck. Fred roared in pain but still tried to continue. The rest of beasts attacked his legs and Fred fell down on the ground. He couldn't do anything. Absolutely nothing. Suddenly his eyes got darkened and he lost consciousness. Forever.


The koalogans left the party. Nobody knew where they came from or what they were. It didn't matter. The main thing was where they were heading. They decided to visit local Royal Hospital...

The End


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