The curse? - part 2

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"Did you call me, Stanley?"
Petite guy raised his head from some itemized paper. He had small wrinkly face; he was almost bald so his high forehead was seen. He wore shiny pinze-nez with golden spectable frame.
"Yes," he replied. "I have a good news. I found him, doc."
"Really? I am very pleased," said Wenlott and he walked into the room. It was small staff workroom. As in the other place there weren't any windows. Approximately in the centre of the room was a table with several drawers. Although there were two libraries, many books just lay about on the ground. A fire was flaring in a small fireplace.
"I know I can count on you," smiled Wenlott.
"Well, to be honest it was quite tough, doc," said Stanley. "He was constantly in movement but it seems that he finally settled down. He's on some small island in the Pacific."
"Splendid! I'll visit him soon."

When Wenlott went to Stanley, the both girls who stayed with Jared took off their capes so the young man could take a better look on them. The higher one had fair blonde hair and dark blue eyes. She wore tight strapped green corset underneath the slightly open red cloak. The cloak was reaching the top of the black high-heeled boots with golden buckle. The second young woman was smaller and plumper. She had big distinctive green eyes and red hair to her shoulders. There was a small medallion on leather string around her neck. She also wore noteless brown belt.
The higher of them broke the silence: "My name is Silth and this is Callion." Both girls gently bowed. "We were told to teach you how to control status of khappo."
"What is it?" asked Jared.
"The doc can explain it more in detail," said Silth. "In very easy way you will be able to arbitrarily manipulate with people by using that state."
Then Callion began the speak. She had clearly high voice. "Please come with us. We have to show you something."
After that the two girls locked into Jared and left the room with him. They walked down a long, quite high corridor until they reached the large staircase. They began to descend. When they reached the bottom of the stairs, they turned left. They were passing several doors, small and large, untill they stood in front of the small wooden door that was painted in red. Silth pulled a small key from her pocket and opened the door. It was a spacious rectangular room with brick walls. A small library wasn't even half full. In the center of the room was a white deckchair with an open cover.
Jared was still looking around that place. Therefore Silth continued:
"The purpose of that deckchair which you can see is the temporary sleep. You will just lie down, we'll close the cover and then turn loose there health harmless substance that will make you sleep. We will show you."
"Wait, hang on!" finally spoke Jared. "I don't undestand even third of what you are saying. I just want to make something clear. Actually why are you doing it? You stated that I am dead. It's even out of mind just speaking with you right now I guess. But I ask you again - just why? Okay, let's say I believe you. Why then should I control and manipulate with people? Why?! It just doesn't make sense. Worse fact is that I don't know anything about me except my name. It's frankly insane!"
Silth took a short look to Callion as if she didn't know what to say. Then Callion break a silence after all:
"The doc strictly forbade us to speak about it with you, what happened. Wenlott believes that everyone has some fate ahead."
"Exactly," said Silth quickly. There was such a relief from her voice. "Now it's high time to take up with our training. Please lie down on the deckchair, Mr. Jared. And don't worry about anything."
Callion gently took his hand just in order to encourage him and led him to odd bed. There she spoke to him: "Just lie down, relax and don't think of anything at all. Take it easy."
Jared was still a bit thunderstruck but he slowly climbed into the deckchair.
"Say whenever you are ready."
The young man looked on both girls once more as if it would be for the last time. He just said: "So be it."
Silth pressed the button and the cover slowly started to close.

Nothing happened there for a while. Jared heard muffled Silth's voice over the cover: "Relax, I turn loose the eye-closing gas."
After that oddly white mist began to form from the small tubes. Jared just instinctively closed his eyes. Suddenly he felt terribly tired. Everything seemed to be darker and far away. Jared thought he was floating, like nothing was holding him. He tried to fight against the sleep for a while even though he didn't know why he was doing it.


When he woke up, he was in hell. Everything was in flames all around him and he could hear some explosion in the distance. There was also yawling, screaming and crying. He found out that he lie on a wooden plank and he's tight fasten with wide leather belt. He has no idea what is happening. Suddenly he heard a mad laughing. Then two figures appeared in his field of vision. He still couldn't determined who was it yet but he had such a strange feeling.
"As you can see, the client is ready, doc."
Wenlott came to Jared.
"Surprised, am I right?" said and smiled. "I bet that you expected anything just not this. I lied to you. Nothing is how does it seems. Remember it."
He paused and after while continued: "You have been found guilty for your sins and the worst punishment is awaiting for you!"
"What the fuck are you people?" yelled Jared, trying to disengage from the handcuffs.
"People? We haven't been them for many centuries ere this. We are justice! And you, Winston Jared, you deserve no mercy!!"
Wenlott beckoned to his companion that they could begin. The hell filled a new sound - Jared's desperate screams ...

The End

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