The curse? - part 1

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When he woke up and open his eyes, he found out that he is in some stoney room. He was surprised that there weren't any windows. The room was lit up by several torches which was held in metal racks on the walls. He stood up and tried to remember what just happened and where he is. It seemed that his head is completely empty. He slowly started taking a look around the room. It was relatively spacious rounded place. The air was mouldy. There was a small chest of drawers by the wall which was locked with big padlock. Next to it was petty wooden table with pile of yellowed papers and some books covered with dust. Beside the papers there was a small capsule with golden sides. When he opened it he saw beautifully decorated fountain pen. He admired it with passion.

Suddenly he heard some voices. But they were silent, as if they were far away. He wasn't able to recognize anything from it even he tried to do the best. All at once a door opened which he hadn't noticed before. But no one stood there. The voices were increasingly approaching and only at that time the young man recognized that it belongs to about two women and one man. He returned the pen on the table again and wait what will happen next. The hall in front of door was dark and it turned left after about ten metres. Suddently three persons appeared there. They walked slowly alongside each other. The figures on both sides held torches in their hands. It was impossible to see their faces because they worn a long cloaks with hoods. The young man wasn't sure if it was only his imagination but it seemed that all three characters were slightly floating above the ground. At last the group entered the room. Now he could examined them more. The man in the middle had a dark brown cloak which was lined with a golden ribbon. Otherwise he was all in black. He had a small blue sack with golden chainlet around his neck. He was significantly taller than his two companions. They worn brightly red robes with silver belt. There were high boots with golden brace on their feet; one woman had them in black and the other in green colour. The man took of his hood and revealed curly, pure white hair. When he began to speak, his voice was oddly deep:

"So how do you feel, Mr. Jared?" But before the young man could say anything, the man continued:
"I would like to apologize for my bluntness. I haven't introduced myself. I am doctor Wenlott but here they called me just doc."
Finally the young man could speak: "Where the hell am I?! What did you do to me? Who are you at all?"
"Please just calm down, Mr. Jared," spoke Wenlott with quiet voice. "Don't be worry, everything is all right now. I'll tell you all. You just slept like if you were dead."
The young man noticed that two women smiled at this remark.
The doc continued: "Please join me. You have to be hungry, right? I prepared a small treat for you."
Jared wanted to say something but he was completely silenced by the look old man gave to him.
"Come on, Mr. Jared. Follow me and you will learn everything."

The young man had no idea of time. He started to lose orientation after a few turns. Finally they came to big hall in which there were a couple of big oaken tables with a lot of meals. The whole room was lit up by torches and porches. Doc beckoned to young man to help himself. He wasn't even hungry but he took a piece of roasted meat in order not to insult the old man.
"You can start. Doc," appealed to Wenlott.
"Well," the doc said. "I suppose that you don't remember anything, do you Mr. Jared?"
Without waiting for any reaction, he continued: "I know that it will sound really strange and incomprehensibly for you but it is what actually happened. You were shot yesterday. Yes, you are a dead man for other people." And then mysteriously added: "Now you belong to us."
It was just enough for the young man: "Look, if you are kidding me it's the right time to stop!"
"Calm down, Mr. Jared" said Wenlott calmly. "I thought you won't bellieve me. But you already don't belong among to living even if you think the opposite."
"So I am something like undead?!"
"Something like that," Wenlott smiled. "It is not exactly the right definiation but it will be enough for you now."
The young man had a lot of questions in his head that he would like to know the answers. But before he could say anything, Wenlott began to speak again:
"I am afraid I have to leave you now, Mr. Jared." he said. "I have something else to do so meanwhile just calmly eat. The young ladies will take you around a little bit after that."
The doc turned round and left. The young man was again fascinated by the way he moved. He walked with utter ease and it didn't look that he was toughing the ground at all. Jared sat on a massive chair and started to eat.

To be continue...

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