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"Tear off his heart!" screamed Herriet. "C'mon!!"

The youngster rattled. Not before until now he began to realize that all.
He went to the inn "At the White Dapple" for one pint of stout. Although he knew he had a lot of work to do that day, he was in no hurry and was just enjoying the pleasantly cool drink. His father was local councillor but he just didn't want to be like him. He went apprenticed with master blacksmith Willum, with whom he soon became friends. This week Willum had to dropped away for a few days and so he, Josh, was in charge of the entire smithery. It was already gloomy cold autumn. Oh God, just don't let the upcoming winter to be as savage as the previous one, he thought for himself.

Josh's thoughts were interrupted by a newcomer. It was a very young woman with a beautiful pretty face. She was wearing a simple yet gorgeous dark dress with a slim black belt. Around the neck she had tighten ribbon with a green emerald in the middle. The bodice of the dress had an ornate cut and certainly attracted everyone's attention. The young woman had a lot to offer under that. Josh wasn't the only one who was staring at her - literally the whole pub was gazing. The girl was obviously accustomed to an attention and she wittingly began to play excitingly with her curly ginger hair. She looked left to the Josh, smiled and broke the silence:
"So what, handsome? Will you order me a drink?"
"O-oh ye-s, sure," immediately replied Josh and ordered a cup of wine.
The girl began to talk with him and he just couldn't take his eyes off her. He totally forgot how much work still awaited him, he didn't notice anything around except her, he was drowning in her gorgeous clearly green eyes, sometimes his gaze went a little lower, he was just completely enchanted by the girl. Time was going on and they were still chatting and drinking together. Josh's eyes slightly began to be blurred. Suddenly the girl whispered something to his ears and he just nodded. He helped the girl to her feet and placed four gold quids on the bar.

Outside  the girl automatically hung up on Josh and they slowly walked to the end of burg. Josh just let the girl to lead him because he felt quite numb after amount of drinks he had. The young woman had a certain step and together they set out along a narrow sandy path. A few minutes later they arrived to the forest. Even thought it was a full moon that night, the moon wasn't strong enough to find anything more than tiny loopholes through the thick treetops. Suddenly a small cabin appeared in front of them. It wasn't possible to see inside because all window shutters were carefully closed. Larger and smaller pieces of rags and clothing were littered around the cottage, in the extinguished fireplace parts of bones. But Josh paid no attention to any of that. They both entered the cabin together. At first the girl lit up the lantern and right after that led Josh into a modestly furnished room with a blue tiled stove, a small half-empty bookcase and a bed. And right there she put Josh on it. The young woman tucked up her skirt and began to take off soft stockings. She slowly untied her dress and beneath of that she had tightly strapped corset with a deep bossom. Josh's heart rate immediately raised. The girl seductively licked her lips. She was slowly approaching the bed and shook her hips in provocative way. Josh tried to sit on the bed but the lady made him to lay again. She sat astride on him and started kissing lightly on the neck. The youngster closed his eyes in delight. Suddenly he felt some short sting. He rashly opened his eyes and held his breath in surprise and gasped. Ugly hag sat above him, one big wart had right at the base of her spiry nose and several smaller ones were spread all over her unhealthy face. Although she wore exactly the same dress as the girl from the inn but it wasn't her. It just couldn't be! Even the eyes were also different - they weren't bright green anymore but dark grey with the shades of black.
The door creaked and somebody came inside the room. Regular clapping of heavy boots was heard on the wooden floor. Josh wanted to raised his head but at the same moment he was virulently hit by some blunt object to his temple and he fell unconscious.

When the young man woke up, he was totally naked and bound to big cross turned in the shape of letter X. He tried to move but the individual ropes were very firmly tied. Before he managed to say anything, two harridans turned to him who previously were reversed with their back. They both had slightly green faces and grey-white hair. On the stove behind them something was bubbling in the pot and Josh immediately smelled sulfur. One of the hags was holding big knife with a long blade in her hand.
"At last!" one yaga cried out in squeaky voice. "We can begin!!"
At that moment the hag with a knife started to approach Josh. He wanted to shout but was horrified to find out that he made only faint and suffocating noises. That bitches witches cut out his tongue! The youngster saw how the knife was emitting silver reflections and he glimpsed his terrified face on the blade. Yaga stopped in front of him and was just twiddling with the tool in her hand. Josh felt her breath. It remainded him of rotten eggs. The witch still stared unwaveringly into Josh's eyes without blinking. The young man suddenly began to feel strange and odd tediousness. The eyelids were heavy, he attempted to fight against numb doziness but even though his eyes slowly began to close. He could still register a smile of the yaga in which there was no joy, only pure evil. And suddenly at that moment a huge roar came from his throat, despite the missing tongue. He easylike opened his eyes and saw defocused how the hag held something small and pink in her hand. It took him a few seconds to understand what exactly he was seeing. He suffocatingly shouted again. Ear! His ear!! That bitch cut off his ear! A blood was still dropping on the floor. She was squeezing and wringing it in her hand. Josh's stomach heaved and he began to puke. The vomit ran down his chin and also across his chest. He felt how he was loosing his consciousness again but right at that moment the yaga started with cutting the second ear. The  pain was unbearable, he had never felt anything so terrible before. It seemed to take forever. Despite the pain he suddenly realized that horrifying fact. All at once everything immediately dimmed. He felt his raised heart rate but everything else was just distant. The harridan was still holding and squeezing Josh's ears, she was utterly fascinated by them. Suddenly she turned to the other witch who was telling her something. Josh had no idea what they were chatting about and he really didn't give a single fuck about that. Before his eyes closed again he saw how the hag put his ears into the pot. Josh widely opened his eyes again right at the moment when yaga was aprroaching him with something hidden in her right hand. All of a sudden the young man felt atrocious pain on his chest. Yaga stuck a big rusty hook into his body and slowly pulled it down till the stomach. Josh started to vomit green slime which began to mix with the prolapse guts. Torn bowels and parts of stomach were crawling out. Yaga turned to her companion once more and then rashly poked her hand inside the Josh's body. She fumbled there for a while and after a few seconds she began to tear something out. She screamed with an excitement and jerked violently. Josh already had his head twisted and at first glance it seemed that he was just sleeping. But in fact it was eternal sleep. A still pulsating heart glistened in the witch's hand. Yaga studied it in fascination for a moment, squezzing it variously and then threw it into the pot. The room was filled with the smell of guts, bowels and blood...

The End

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